1. What is Marble/ Why marble?
    • Marble is a Metamorphic Rock formed several million years ago.
    • Marble is mainly composed of calcium

    • Can be classified into calcite and Dolomite

    • Has good hardness and takes good polish

    • Gives a paper thin joint after laying so gives a very good look

    • Available mostly in white based shades and also colours like pink, Green, yellow, Brown etc.

  2. What is Italian Marbles

    • Italy is one of the major supplier of Beautiful Marbles and has become synoymous with Name Marbles

    • Usually softer material than Indian Marbles and hence High Degree of Polish

    • The shades are very consistent over a huge area and hence preferred in Hotels and High End Malls. 

    • Usually comes with cracks which are filled using Epoxy. Crack free materials are very costly. 

  3. Can marbles be used for commercial area?

    • Yes can be used as it can be repolished any number of times

  4. How much thickness we will loose while repolishing?

    • Repolishing is just last stage fine polish. That will be in microns and hence will be negligible

  5. Can we use cleaning liquids to clean Marble floor?

    • No we sholud clean with water and a good cloth only. Cleaning liquids available in the market will be having acids. Even diluted acids should not be used.

  6. Can Marbles be used for kitchen tops?

    • Yes can be used but Granite will be much better for Kitchen tops

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