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What is Marble/ Why marble?

  • Marble is a Metamorphic Rock formed several million years ago.
  • Marble is mainly composed of calcium.
  • Can be classified into calcite and Dolomite.
  • Has good hardness and takes good polish.
  • Gives a paper thin joint after laying so gives a very good look.
  • Available mostly in white based shades and also colours like pink, Green, yellow, Brown etc.,
  • Gives very good polish. Gives very high glossy look.
  • Can be used for bathroom walls along with tiles.


Can marbles be used for commercial area ?

  • Yes can be used as it can be repolished any number of times.


How much thickness we will loose while repolishing?

  • Re-polishing is just 1 level polish and only microns will be lost. Hence,  re-polishing can be done any number  of times.


Can we use the cleaning liquids to clean Marble floor ?

  •  No we should clean with water and a good cloth only. Cleaning liquids available in the market will be having acids. Even diluted acids should not be used.


Will tea coffee spillage on marble can cause stains ?

  •  No coffee/Tea will not penetrate marble. But it’s better if you clean it within an hour
  • But Ink , Kunkumam, turmeric Powder are bad stains. If you spill these items it has to be cleaned instantly.


Can Marbles be used for kitchen tops?

  • Yes can be used but Granite will be much better for Kitchen tops.


Can we use marble adhesives for marble Laying?

  • Its preferable to treat the rear side of marble with a suitable sealant to arrest the pores in marble. Instead of cement, a proper adhesive is recommended to have a good bonding between the marble and the sub strata/cement floor.


Does Walking in marble floor gives pain to the legs because  of its chillness ?

  • No marble doesn’t give any pain. Today, knee pain is related to oldage. People tend to relate it with marble. It is a misconception.


Can Marble be used for Bathroom flooring?         

  • No, better to avoid for Bathrooms as acids cannot be used over Marbles for cleaning to remove stains.


Can marble be used flooring open to sky?   

  • No marble should not be used where direct sunlight is there.


 Why Navilu deal only with premium products?  

  • Almost 80% of the marble manufactured will have natural defects, Like    Cracks, patches, no consistency in pattern or colour . We buy only selected lots from select quarries which deals in good quality and consistent pattern lots.  Hence our purchase cost itself is slightly higher than competition. Our focus is given our customers the best quality and not to be a cheap player.


What is strength for granite and marble?

  • Granite is harder than Marble. Hardness of marble is between 3 to 5 in MOHS scale of hardness. Hardness of Granite varies between 7 to 8 in the MOHS SCALE.


Can we lay marble or granite in first floor? Will there be any load issue?

  • Marble and granite can be used in first floor or even in 2nd and 3rd floors. All our roof slabs are designed to take loads of marble & Granite. Moreover, only pointed loads will have issues and a flooring will be evenly distributed load which will not cause loading issues.

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